The Goods on Powerhouse Coffee

Wondering how to make “powerhouse coffee?” Let’s break it down to understand what it is and how to make this keto-friendly beverage.

What Is It?
Powerhouse coffee is a drink you have in place of breakfast that boosts your energy, improves your brain power and keeps you full until lunch. Quite simply, brew your usual cup of joe, then add in 2 tbsp of our Ghee+MCT Oil (modified coconut oil). For best results (and maybe just a hot tip), it’s recommended you source a coffee low in mycotoxins, a naturally occurring fungus found on most coffee beans. 

What’s All the Fuss About?
Typical breakfast foods are very high in starch, which quickly digests into sugar in your body, resulting in that all-too-familiar mid-morning energy crash. Maybe even a mid-afternoon one too. Drinking a powerhouse coffee, you’re actually making your breakfast entirely good fats. The result? No spike to your blood sugar, a slower release of caffeine into your system, and a much steadier source of energy.

How To Make It
1 cup of brewed coffee (8-12 oz)
2 tbsp 52 Fields Ghee and MCT Oil

Blend all ingredients in a blender and enjoy!

Total Time: 5 minutes
Serves 1