MCTs 101

Fats have been valued in traditional diets across cultures for thousands of years for both their taste and energy-giving sustenance. Today the importance of fats in the diet is well known, and beneficial dietary fats are widely recognized for their vital role in energy, healthy connective and nervous tissue, absorption of essential vitamins, hormonal health – and the list goes on and on!

There has been a renewed interest in many traditional fats, from butter and ghee to quality olive and coconut oils, and one fat that has attracted a lot of interest recently, is MCT oil.

What are MCTs?

MCT stands for “medium chain triglycerides”, a specific form of saturated fat. MCTs are derived from coconuts – where they naturally make up over 50% of the fats in coconut oil.

MCTs are shorter in length than many dietary fatty acids (long chain triglycerides) which require more steps of digestion to be metabolized. This results in an oil exclusively made of fats that are easily digested and utilized – where they can travel directly to the liver to be used for energy or made into ketones (an alternative to glucose as a source of energy for the brain) – hence their popularity in the ketogenic diet.

MCTs consist of four fatty acids, the most ketogenic of which are known as Caprylic Acid (C8), and Capric acid (C10). The difference between coconut oil and MTCs is the concentration and isolation of the shorter chain fatty acids: MCT oil contains much more of them than coconut oil does.

Just for Keto?

MCTs are particularly appealing to those on the ketogenic diet – where the diet consists mainly of fats and is very limited in carbohydrates. Due to the quick absorption of MCTs – they offer a quick, keto-friendly source of energy, but MCT oil holds other health benefits too.

MCTs in the diet have been found to increase the body’s ability to burn fat, provide an energy boost and help you feel full longer– and is also a source of naturally occurring antioxidants. They are a great addition to a healthy diet, particularly if you’re following a low-carb, high-fat diet or living a keto lifestyle, but anyone can benefit from the energizing, nourishing effects of MCT from Coconut Oil.

Other Potential Benefits

MCTs may hold other exciting potential benefits across a range of health conditions, including:

Cognitive function and memory

There’s been some promising research looking at MCTs and Alzheimer’s disease. Evidence suggests that when there is a reduced ability for the brain to utilize glucose as energy – ketones (generated from an elevated dose of MCTs) could provide an effective alternative and “may improve cognitive functioning in older adults with memory disorders”.

Reduced Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Health

MCTs have been found to play a role in reducing obesity, which has been linked to cardiovascular complications. A recent study found thatMCT-enriched diets could… be used to manage metabolic diseases through modification of gut microbiota.” In a study where MCT was taken alongside phytosterols (plant sterols), a reduction in overall cholesterol was found, alongside a reduction of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol.

Quality First

52 Fields MCT from Coconut Oil

  • is made from fresh coconuts de-husked, cold-pressed and filtered the same day as harvest
  • contains 14g of MCTs – a blend of Caprylic (C8) and Capric (C10) fatty acids, the most ketogenic MCTs from the heart of the coconut
  • is crafted in small batches for premium quality
  • is sourced from Fair Trade farms that respect local biodiversity
  • is unrefined and non-hydrogenated
  • paleo & keto friendly

Easy to take

Our MCT From Coconut Oil is incredibly easy to use – and can be added into your hot or cold drinks, salad dressings, marinades or baked goods. MCT From Coconut Oil is heat tolerant and blends smoothly into beverages, soups and many recipes. One of our favorite ways to add a boost of MCTs to our daily routine is with Powerhouse Coffee, a great breakfast substitute that boosts your energy, improves your brain power and keeps you full until lunch!

MCTs are also available in 52 Fields oil blends, including Coconut Oil with MCT – a pourable combination of two outstanding culinary oils, and MCT with Ghee – a blend of MCTs AND ghee made from grass-fed and pasture raised Canadian dairy.

MCT From Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil with MCT and MCT with Ghee like all 52 Fields Cooking Oils have been made with the St. Francis Herb Farm family value of “food as medicine” and the principles of simplicity in nourishment for healthy living – as nature intended.