About Us

Our Story

52 Fields is a family business. But it’s not just where we work. It’s where we live. It’s our way of life.

Here, from our 52-acre homestead in the township of Barry’s Bay, Ontario, my wife Caitlin and I work closely with local farmers, producers and growers – some we’ve known for 20 years or more – on a line of good quality, healthy food products we use in our own kitchen.

Being parents of three ourselves, it’s important for us to learn the characteristic of every ingredient, to know where it’s coming from, and to get them from as close to the source as we can.

If you were to pull up the roots of our inspiration, you could easily trace back this commitment to my parents, the founders of St. Francis Herb Farm, who raised me on an organic farm and taught me how to live sustainably off the land.

Growing up, they showed me that food is the medicine. That the key to healthy living is to bring things back to the way nature intended: pure, clean and simple. And by only offering products that align with our standards of quality, family values and attention to detail, we have the opportunity to share all we’ve learned, to help people grow, and to shine a light on the natural, nourishing properties of what’s been gifted to us on this planet.

All of this to say, 52 Fields is a deeply personal journey, of personal discovery and of meaningful personal connections, to each other, to our friends and neighbours, and to other families like ours.

Thank you for inviting us into your home. We hope you enjoy cooking with our products as much as we do.

– Paul and Caitlin